Packed With New Technologies

Nowadays, People are keen to look out the new releases from the giant mobile manufacturer, Nokia since they blend up the startling beneficial features and technological innovations, which comforts the users a lot. Moreover, they always bring out their upgradation or inclusion of new technologies and features in every release.

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Similarly, Nokia is going to launch a new model into the mobile markets –Nokia 3710, a fold phone that sports attracting design with the latest in mobile functionality. The fold opens smoothly disclosing out the bright screen, which is ideal for displaying the pictures and videos. This handset has a 3.2 megapixel camera which shoots out sharp and clear images. Special moments that are captured by this handset can be shared online or stored in an optional micro SD card.

This Nokia 3710 compact fold phone is Internet-ready and supports the range of Ovi services that bring out the mobile internet experiences to the increasing number of users, letting them to share their memories, browse their mails, or explore new services and content. Moreover, the navigation is made easy through the menus that visually look simple and intuitive, focusing on the necessary. Moreover, this mobile phone comes with an internal GPS that allows customization of the device for pedestrian navigation purposes. Also there is a separate navigational license along with Nokia Maps, incorporated to give travelers a full navigation experience.

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